A Happy (Pumpkin) Accident – Pumpkin Pie Greek Yogurt

Happy Sunday!

Don’t you just love when something spur-of-the-moment and totally random comes together so perfectly? Let’s call this one a “Happy (Pumpkin) Accident.”

It all happened today when my tummy let me know it was ready for a mid-morning snack. I had woken up around 7:15 (I’m so used to waking up early during the week that this is sleeping in for me!) and spent the morning cleaning and doing some work. I hadn’t gone grocery shopping for the week yet, so my fridge was total randomness. Sometimes, the best things happen when you’re forced to get creative!

What did I end up with? A tasty protein packed fall snack – or breakfast!

Here’s what ya need:

1 container plain Greek yogurt

3 T canned pumpkin (not pie filling!)

1/2 t cinnamon

dash of pumpkin pie spice

1 packet natural sweetener (I used Truvia)

chia seeds (if ya fancy)

Mix up, and enjoy! Easy peasy, right? 

*I topped mine with a spoonful of natural PB (’cause I’m a PB freak like that). Delish.

By the way, if you thought pumpkins were just for carving/smashing/decorating – think again! Pumpkin happens to be a superfood packed with nutrients . Read more about why your body loves pumpkin here.


Have a great week!


Wicked Healthy Wonderings:

Have you ever had a happy recipe accident? What did you make?

What are your favorite pumpkin recipes?

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    • Presh
    • August 25, 2020

    I’d never been a HUGE pumpkin person but i’m interested in trying this! Also every Thursday I’m posting fall inspired recipes on my blog.

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