A list of lists I need to make

It’s me again. Dropping by on a Tuesday for a change and it sure feels nice!!

I’m glad you likes Tabata post – please holler at me if you try the workout! Want to know how you like it!

So, I saw this blog post and thought it was totally clever.

The post is ‘a list of lists’ and boy, do I love a good list, so I totally went to geek heaven when I read it and had to create one of my own!
100% me –>

Here’s my very own ‘List of Lists!’
Brace Yourselves. It’s about to go down!

A list of things I’m hoarding that I need to throw away

A list of things I want to sell for some extra $$$ instead of googling ‘how to make money without doing anything’

A list of clothing and items I can donate to charity that I haven’t worn or used in two years

A list of things to do to update the blog rather than read other blogs all day

A list of post ideas so I can have a fix for writers block when it happens…every day.

A list of supah foods I want to try (maca, spirulina…oh and bulletproof coffee!)

A list of wedding planning tasks I need to complete that don’t involve pinning to secret wedding boards…Muah ah ah!

A list of friends and family I need to be in touch with…today!

A list of thank you’s I need to dole out for putting up with me, helping me, or simply being an awesome human being

A list of lessons learned that I can carry with me in times of doubt or struggle

A list of actual budgeting tactics I will put in place that are more substantial than ‘don’t buy the maple latte’

A list of things I cannot change so should stop trying to

A list of things I can change so I should start trying to

A list of reasons why getting a random tattoo or piercing is in fact not a good idea I will regret regret regret because it not coming from the right place at this time

A list of places I must visit before I have kiddos!

A list of things that I need to clean bc OMG GROSS

A list of things I love about myself for when that voice of insecurity or being inadequate creeps in…

A list of things I’m grateful for…that’s a long one.

A list of things I can do every day to show kindness and thoughtfulness toward others because sometimes I get caught up in my own world

A list of TV shows and movies I want to watch on Netflix so I don’t waste my life away searching for things to watch (suggestions welcome)

A list of free and fun date ideas that does not include watching something from the above list!

A list of great advice I’ve received from loved ones that I can turn to to help guide my way

A list of books I must read this year (divided into lists of fiction and non-fiction, naturally)

A list of recipes I will actually make instead of eating the same thing every day for months at a time

A list of bloggers I need to give a shout out to because they’re fan freakin tastic (hey, add this to the list of post ideas!)

A list of DIY projects that I’ve been meaning to make and really I’d enjoy doing them but…

A list of quotes I can turn to when I need a boost of inspiration, motivation, peace, or a reminder about what really matters.

A list of things I forgot to put on this list!

Phew! That was fun!

What a total Think Out Loud I just had there!

Hope you have a great day…don’t forget to put ‘SMILE!’ on your to do list!! ?


Wicked Healthy Wonderings: Are you a list person? What has been lingering on your to do list latel?

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    • Lauren
    • June 24, 2020

    Love this since I’m a list-aholic too. And “A list of things I’m hoarding that I need to throw away” is on the top of my to-do errands list this month!

    • susie
    • June 24, 2020

    I love lists! But the problem is that now I have crises one thing off my list (the things to sell) and they have been sitting in the closet for the past year…

    • Runwright
    • June 25, 2020

    I found you from the link-up. You’e funny! I love this list of lists and I should add it to my list of things to reread and share.

    • Amanda
    • June 26, 2020

    That e-card is so very me as well. Sometimes I’ll even put things like “get out of bed” and “brush teeth” on my list just so I can feel super accomplished first thing in the morning ?

    • GEMMA
    • June 27, 2020


    • Jess
    • June 28, 2020

    List-making saves me from insanity and stress-tears 🙂 love that you’re a list-maker, too!

    • Tina Muir
    • June 29, 2020

    Hahahaha that picture is so awesome, and so true! I am definitely guilty of that, although you may have me beat on lists….I just have the same to do list written out about 60 different times, but I just dont want to throw any of them away as I also use them for other scrap thoughts hahaha. Need to get my life together! Glad I don’t feel so crazy now! have a wonderful weekend friend!

    • Carly
    • June 30, 2020

    I know it’s a joke, but I have actually written things down on a list so I can see crossed off things!! I love your list of lists, although I started having heart palpitations halfway through at all the things I’ve never thought about making lists for!

    • Carson
    • July 1, 2020

    I love making lists! I totally need to make a list of things to sell to make money. Because making money without doing anything is NOT working for me.

    • Kim
    • July 1, 2020

    What a fun post – I love the idea of making a list of lists!!
    I love writing lists and always add stuff after I do it just for the thrill of marking it off!

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