Who is “She”?



New England slang that adds emphasis. Synonymous with “very,” “really,” or “hella.”

Uses: To describe how great something is. To show amazement. To describe a person. To emphasize. (And a few other not-so-lovely ones I will not disclose here).

Who is She? “She” is me

My name is Ella and thank you for visiting She’s Wicked Healthy! By trade, I am a teacher and hold a Master’s in Education. So, naturally, I love to write! I also love to live my healthiest life (life, liberty, and the pursuit of health and happiness!) and that’s what inspired me to start this blog. This blog was developed out of the belief that health and happiness are always better off shared. My philosophy is part hardcore (there’s no substitute for hard work) and part low key (hard work aside – we all gotta balance, breathe, chill). While I am not a fitness professional, I am  wicked healthy and love to eat clean, nutritious, tasty foods and push my body to feel and look great. (It’s all I got!) Let’s also not forget that peace of mind comes from both of these elements and is essential to being truly healthy. With that, I hope this is a place  you turn to for:

1. information about how to maximize your health and fitness

2. motivation to get out there and actually use  that information

3. support in your own personal quest for health and happiness

4. smiles

As for me, you will find out that I…am quirky, fun, disciplined, slightly disorganized, tough, passionate, curious, joyful, made of music, silly; am a peanut butter freak, a sweet potato-aholic, a book devour-er, a thinker, a mover and a shaker, and…


I hope you enjoy your time here and I look forward to being wicked healthy with you!



PS: As mentioned above, I am not a certified fitness professional, so please consult with your doctor about what workouts and foods are best for you in addition to incorporating what you see here!