Dear Food Pusher – My Food is not Your Business!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

How’s winter treating you so far? It seems like many places have had an atypically warm kick off to the season – not just here in GA. It’s been in the mid-upper 70′s here so you’d better believe I am loving my winter break all the more for it so far! I spent the first day of winter ON THE BEACH! Spoiled much?!

So, I’m sure you are well aware, but Christmas Eve is tomorrow. And then Christmas directly follows it. Did you know that? I cherish this time as an opportunity to eat, drink, and be merry even though I don’t celebrate Christmas myself. Holiday parties? Sure thang!

But wait! While full of cheer and goodwill, the holidays are also notorious for being a dreaded battle of willpower vs. indulgence. Many people are expecting that your level of holiday spirit = your willingness to indulge on heavy and rich holiday foods.

While I like a good party as much as the next girl, what I dread about parties is coming into contact with the inevitable FOOD PUSHER. There’s one in every crowd! You know, the person who makes your food their business and urges you to throw your wicked healthy habits out the window and make an ‘enjoyable’ choice. Whether it’s full of sugar or fat, or it’s meat and you don’t eat meat, or it’s super high in calories – a food pusher, regardless of their intention, calls you on your food choice and tries to sabotage your eating!


What is a “food pusher?”

A food pusher is that person who tries to get you to eat junk and pesters you when you turn something down or opt for a healthier choice.

Phrases typical to food pushers:

-”Oh come on, live a little!”

-”What’s the big deal?”

-”You’re really not gonna eat it?”

-”Just enjoy it!”

-”It won’t kill you!”


You know who I am talking about? I’ve been around many food pushers in my life and am finally at the point where I can take the pressure and defend my healthy eating habits with confidence.

I am all about being kind, helpful, and positive – and while there are many polite ways of dealing with Food Pushers on the spot, I’m feeling feisty today – polite ain’t gonna cut it!

*Disclaimer. You should be nice to people. You should not carry this letter around and read it to Food Pushers at parties unless you wanna kill the mood even more. But you SHOULD stand up for yourself and just say NO!)

With that, here is my letter to the Food Pushers of the Universe:

Dear Food Pusher,

Please stop insisting that I put something into my body that I do not want there. What I choose to eat is my business and my business only. And no, you do not have to describe how scrumptious it is in detail – believe me, I get it.

I want to do more than just “live a little” – I want to live a lot! That’s why I value my heart, my muscles, my body chemistry, and my HARD WORK more than my taste buds at this one lovely event. I’m well aware that the unhealthy deliciousness you are not-so-politely suggesting I eat will not kill me. Please realize that my opting not to eat the fattening, sugary dishes you insist upon is by no means decreasing my enjoyment of my surroundings or my life. In fact, it’s pretty much doing just the opposite. Maybe YOU should choose wisely and eat the healthy stuff? Or does my suggesting so make you feel uncomfortable? Shall I push you to eat from the veggie tray rather than the cookie tray?

What type of gas does your car run on? Pushing food on me is like telling me I should dump regular gas into a vehicle that runs on super. Would you do that to your car? Probably not. I will not do that to my body, which I’m hoping lasts much longer than my wheels.

My health and fitness as it is today is the sum of my choices day in day out. Yes, I’d like to follow my taste buds and eat whatever looks good at the time – wow, would that be easier! – but I don’t. I work hard. I dedicate time and energy into living a healthy, active, lifestyle and giving my body the nutrients it needs to function well. I too, like anyone, indulge on food – but the point is, that decision is up to me.

Please know that this is how I WANT to eat and in my mind, it is not suffering, it is a gift. 

Happy Holidays!

Now, let’s be real. Of course I indulge. Of course I don’t make the “wicked healthy” choice 100% of the time! I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t indulge on your favorite treats, or have a “cheat meal,” or throw the rules out the window here and there.

My point is, that what we choose to eat and when we choose to eat it is entirely personal and it’s rude to interfere with that (especially on the spot, in true food pusher style!)

Also, if roles were reversed, and we were to push healthy options on people right then and there, I’m pretty sure that would be considered totally inappropriate. Can you imagine?

“Are you seriously going to eat that pizza?” “You know that cake is full of fat and sugar?” “I’d step away from that monkey bread and have some of this fresh fruit – seriously, step away.” “Are you sure you don’t want to try this hummus instead of the onion dip? Way better for you.” “Gross – you’re going to eat that?”

Yikes! Never a good way to approach someone about their food choices. RUDE!

Be a positive, healthy force and eat your healthy (or not) foods with pride and intention! You’ll feel great and maybe inspire others to do the same!

I hope you all have an enjoyable, balanced, merry holiday. Don’t be a food pusher and don’t let ‘em get ya!


Wicked Healthy Wonderings:

How do you deal with Food Pushers?

What’s your favorite holiday indulgence?

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