Drink Water December! Join the Challenge!

Happy Day After Thanksgiving, Friends!

How was your holiday? Mine was a delicious, love-filled feast! As I mentioned here, Thanksgiving is my ultimate favorite holiday. I felt grateful to be surrounded my friends and family in a place I adore. My cornbread pudding and sweet potato casserole were big hits, as well – SCORE! Today is all about relaxing, leftovers, and walks around town with my crew. The chilly, sunny weather is refreshing as I don’t get much of it down south. BRR.

Speaking of cold weather, on to an important wicked healthy topic!

As temperatures drop, so does our tendency to drink fresh water. We crave warm drinks like tea, hot chocolate, and all those specialty drinks Starbucks markets us nonstop. However, it’s so important to stay hydrated year round, not just in those warm summer months!

So, I am coining the last month of 2016…


Everyone likes, a challenge, right? So..

For the month of December, I am challenging you to drink the recommended amount of water each day.

One water-drinking winner will receive a grand prize of:

A She’s Wicked Healthy Gym Bag (custom color)

An Awesome Water Bottle to keep up the good work!

Why Drink H20?

• Your body is 70% water.
• Water plays an essential role in digestion and elimination.
• Water is an critical part of your circulation.
• Water helps regulate your body’s temperature.
• Water helps maintain healthy joints by lubricating and cushioning.
• Water is essential for healthy skin.
• Water functions in the removal of toxins from your body.

Here’s how it works: If you want to take part in the Drink H2O December challenge, you gotta be accountable!

1st: Sign up! Visit the challenge link. You can also download the ChallengeLoop app! The Drink H2O challenge will be found under Feature Prize Challenges.

2. Calculate your recommended daily dose of H2O:

(Weight in lbs/2) / 8 = # cups per day of H2O

Ex: 150/2 = 75, 75/8 = about 9.5 cups

3. Hydrate up! Drink your recommended cups and keep track of your water intake each day. Want some tech help? The Ounces app can help!

4. Post, comment, hashtag! Challengers who post about their daily H2O success at least 10 times in the month and use the official hashtag on Instagram and Twitter are eligible to win the PRIZE! Let fellow challengers know about your progress, the tips and tricks you’re using, and how great your hydrated self is feelin’!

Official Challenge Hashtag = #DrinkH2ODecember

I hope that you take advantage of this opportunity to give your body the H2O it needs this month! Hydrated = Healthy! Join the challenge today!

With thanks & love.

Wicked Healthy Wonderings:

Do you drink enough water?

How do you make sure to stay hydrated?

What is your favorite winter beverage?

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