Fitness and Food Game Plan for the Week Plus My Thanksgiving FILLosophy!

Hi, friends!

How was your weekend? Mine was two things: relaxing (surprising!) & productive. How I managed to a) relax and b) be productive at the same time is quite the feat! I think it was because I did most of my work at home with Dre (dog) on the couch. Are you able to work from home? Usually, I need to get out of my space in order to focus on work, but this weekend it all came together – nice!

Also, this happened – best training run yet! Wee!

On to this week…THANKSGIVING WEEK! Or, for me and my peeps, THANKSGIVINGUKKAH week! Yes, Thanksgiving and the first night of Hannukah fall on the same day. Epic. I found out about this Menurkey far too late to get one but I am obsessed.

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday, hands down. It is filled with the comfort of my favorite fall foods, yes, but also oh-so-cozy company of family and friends. I look forward to it all year long and I am beyond thrilled to be heading home to my mama’s house in NH!

I thought with all the hype around “Healthy Thanksgiving” and the fact that I will be doing some traveling in the next few days, it would be helpful to show you guys my fitness & food (F&F) game plan for the week that is so centered on food and curling up on the couch! (YES!)


Workout: Nike Training Club – 45 minutes before work

Eats: B – Baked Banana Berry Oatmeal L – Salad bar at school D – Veggie burger, sweet potato, roasted brussel sprouts & mushrooms


Workout: run 4 miles before school

Eats: B – BBBO / L – Salad bar at school / D – airport (salad or burrito bowl I’d imagine!)


Workout: run (a NH chilly) 5 miles – hopefully mom has extra gloves and ear warmers!

Eats: my family is all about healthy meals that use fresh, seasonal ingredients & most are vegetarian – so basically, you should be jealous of what I will be eating. I know my mom will have my oatmeal for breakfast, too, because God forbid I had to start my day with something else.


Workout: run 3 miles + a NTC type workout with family?



Here’s where my Thanksgiving Food FILLosophy comes into play:

1. See above Wednesday eats.

2. I maintain a very healthy diet & workout regimen throughout the year for the most part. I go ALL OUT on Thanksgiving with a few key things to keep in mind:

I do not believe that fattening = more delish. So, I cook, even on Thanksgiving, in a mostly clean &  healthy way. I do not load on the butter, our meals are centered around fresh, hearty, homemade foods, and I pick and choose what I want to indulge the most on. (Sweet potatoes, cornbread casserole, stuffing, oh my!). I eat whatever I want and know that my habits on most other days on the calendar back me up and set me up for success. I usually give myself the next day to enjoy some leftovers and then I’m all aboard the clean eating train again. This is what works for me!


Workout: run 4 miles

Eats: Unknown, but I will be over the Thanksgiving foodfest and onto lighter fare. Probably going to hit up some of my favorite local spots, yay!


Workout: None, off!

Eats: B – Fresh fruit on car ride to airport – then Dunkin Donuts egg white flatbread when I get there! / L – back in GA, tuna &  veggies and hummus when I return home / D – Whole Foods salad bar


Workout: 7 mile (eek!) run

Eats: B – Banana eggs / L – tuna & veggies & hummus / D – fish, sweet potato, roasted veggies

And there ya have it! My game plan for the week and my Thanksgiving FILLosophy!

I hope you all enjoy a delicious feast surrounded by the love of friends and family. Think about all the blessings in your life, big and small, and just be content!

And please – DON’T GO SHOPPING. Just wait.

Happy Thanksgiving!


What’s your favorite food at the Thanksgiving table?

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

What’s your Thanksgiving FILLosophy?

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