Friday Favorites – This is Why I Love Summer!

Hello y’all and Happy Friday to you!

Hope the week’s been kind to you and you are looking forward to a nice weekend!

I’m excited because my wedding shower is on Sunday! Since we are having a country line dancing lesson, having free reign on the dance floor, eating Mexican food, and drinking sangria and tequila, I have no doubt that it will be a blast! In thinking about a shower, I knew I didn’t want to go the traditional route – it just didn’t feel like me – and my mother-in-law to be came up with this fabulous and fun idea! She’s put so much time and thought into this day and I feel very lucky!

It’s also my sister’s birthday this week and we will be celebrating with the beach and ice cream! Can’t wait to show my little sissy some birthday love!!!

I’m getting ahead of myself, though! We’ve got to close out the week with some Friday Favorites.

Half Marathon Training!

It feels so good to be running consistently again! Dan and I started training this week (the race is October 3) and even though I am basically starting from scratch mileage wise, I’m already enjoying the process of training this second time around. Plus, it’s great to be doing it with Dan. Something fun to do in preparation for the big day. Also – it’s become pretty clear this week that running is key for my mood and mental health!

Sunny mornings with Dre

Every morning this week, I’ve sat outside with my coffee, book, and pup! (I’d take Tali out too but she barks too much at everything so it’s not very enjoyable!) I’ve loved starting my days this way and I’m pretty sure Dre boy loves it too! Mommy-puppy bonding time, for sure!


Wild Maine Blueberries

I first sampled these frozen beauties and my in laws house a while ago. My pops in law loves them and now I do too! They’re so tasty in oatmeal and yogurt. Growing up in New England, we always went blueberry picking and the fresh Maine blueberries are soooo good! The frozen ones hit the spot too and are cheaper.

Pool time

On Wednesday, I headed over to my friend’s pool for an afternoon in the sun! It was glorious and my first “sun session” of the summer. Can ya believe it? It was exactly what I needed – sunshine, girl talk, and snacks! Guess what – I didn’t get in the pool though! I’m not the biggest fan of being wet? I have to be in the right mood to go in. Anyone else?


Appy Couple

We’re using this platform as our wedding hub and it’s great! It’s been very easy for me to use and also very easy for guests to RSVP on and get our wedding information. I like how it’s easily customizeable and links well with other sites like Amazon Registry and Honeyfund.

And that’s that! It’s been a good week!

Thanks to Heather for hosting the link up!


Wicked Healthy Wonderings: What’s your favorite summer fruit? What are you loving this week?

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    • Fiona
    • August 11, 2020

    Sounds like you’re hosting an awesome shower! I’d love to go to one like that.

    Your friend’s yard and pool are amazing!

    • Julie @ Running in a Skirt
    • August 11, 2020

    I don’t mind getting wet… as long as the water isn’t cold. If I’ve just done my hair though… I’ll try not to get it wet. Lame…. I know 🙂

    • Jess @hellotofit
    • August 11, 2020

    Sounds like a fun theme for a shower!
    My favorite summer fruits are all the berries 🙂
    Ooo I’m going to check out Appy Couple. We’re considering doing half printed invitations, half online-invitations. This might be a good way to do it!

    • Emily @ Sinful Nutrition
    • August 11, 2020

    As a new Maine resident, I can appreciate me some blueberries ? I feel like I need to start training for some race soon. Motivation = 0 at the moment. I’m think a 10k sounds reasonable for me!

    • Gretchen | Gretchruns
    • August 11, 2020

    Summer is the best! I definitely agree with wild blueberries being amazing. I love mango and it’s my all time favorite fruit! Hope you have a great weekend and good luck with training!

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