Kick Your ABS! Workout


It feels so good to say that.

October is one of my favorite months, annddd…fresh month, fresh start. The beginning of a new month is a good time to pause and check in with yourself. Are you following through on the path to your goals? Are you taking good care of yourself? Enjoying yourself? How are you treating those around you? Are you living wicked healthy?

In my start of the month “check-in,” I had a major, huge, tremendous revelation. Ready for this?

I couldn’t remember the last time I did a killer abs workout.

there-is-no-reason-why-you-cant-have-those-flat-abs-262x300Now, this may seem pretty silly, but it came from thinking about how I have found myself complaining about my abs lately. “I don’t have a 6 pack.” Whine. “Am I looking soft?” Whine. YUCK. Luckily, the epiphany above then occurred. Maybe, instead of complaining about my abs, I should actually do workouts that target them!!  Oops. I knew I had to take action.

Did you know that high energy moves like jumping jacks, running in place, high knees, etc. are actually killer  defining and strengthening ab exercises?They are some of my favorite ab exercises to shed fat and tone the core. Since I hadn’t done them in a while, I figured the first of the month would be a great time to work these moves back into the rotation!

Ditch the basic crunches in favor of this Kick Your ABS! Workout that will torch calories and engage your deepest ab muscles for max results!

Never done hip flexor burners?


-Stand with knees shoulder width apart, holding elbows into tummy and hands in fist. Bend one leg and raise knee to 90degree angle, then tap foot back on the ground. Repeat. (Sounds simple but you’ll feel it!)

This abs workout can be done up to three nonconsecutive days a week! Go for it!

Check out these ABSolutely awesome links for more info:

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So, as a reminder to myself and to all y’all – next time you find yourself whining about something that YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT, remember…

Champs train…chumps complain.

Be a champ! Go Kick Your Abs.

Wicked Healthy Wonderings:

What are your favorite ab exercises?

What do you find yourself complaining about? How do you break that cycle?

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