Love Your Legs!

Wanna know what I’m really grateful for?

Having legs.

My legs have supported me, moved me around, given me freedom, and done my hard work for 27 years! After a non-stop day yesterday, I wanted to give my legs a big hug. They really are somethin.’

I like to return the favor by showing my legs some lovin’ in the form of strengthening exercise. Why is this so important? The team at sums it up real nice:

Doing leg workouts not only make your legs stronger and able to support your body better, but you will actually burn more calories in your workouts by incorporating a leg routine.

Since your lowerbody has the biggest muscles in your body, by exercising the thighs, hamstrings, calves, lowerback and glutes (rump), you can actually kick start your metabolism and burn more calories with leg workouts. You will find that leg workouts also have a cardiovascular element to them. Once again, this is because these muscles require so much more blood, so the heart will beat more to supply new blood to the lower body.

We expect a lot of our legs day in, day out, so with that said…

Show your legs the love with this leg workout!

Legs, Legs, Baby!

1. Start off by performing some leg toning cardio : I did a series of treadmill intervals to include sprints and hills. Goal is to repeat 6 times but start off with at least 3:

—3 min walk warm up —2 min jog —1 min run —20 sec sprint —-20 sec walk —1 min walk on incline

2. Follow with the LEGS, LEGS, BABY! workout below:

PS: Learn how to do ski downs here.

After this workout, your legs should be feeling the love (AKA sore). Stretch well and wait at least one day before you go at your legs again!

Good luck!


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    • Brit Chick
    • April 3, 2020

    I will definitely try out you interval workout. I have a treadmill at my apartment complex – awesome!

    • Hannah
    • April 5, 2020

    This workout looks awesome. I’m excited to try it — my legs need some lovin’! I can’t run, though, so I’m wondering what I should do for cardio instead? Thanks!

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