The 5 Best Things About Having Your Husband Back Home After Two Weeks Away

Hey friends!

It’s Thursday, and today I’m thinking out loud.

I mentioned yesterday that Dan arrived home on Sunday after two weeks at a military course down in Georgia. (Wish I had taken the trip down with him!)

Being a military family has its set of challenges. Dan is gone one weekend a month and spends several days a month at his armory doing work for his unit. As the commander, he has to spend a lot of his time and energy on his unit is on top of his full time job as a detective on our local PD. He is also gone a minimum of two weeks every summer. So, he was gone for two weeks in June, another two weeks for a military training in November, and this last period of two weeks. That adds up! Im growing accustomed to holding down the fort while he’s gone. With his work schedule and national guard schedule, the Friday before Valentine’s day will be the first night in a month we’ll be able to spend together. Cray!

Safe to say that I was very happy to have him back home! I love alone time and totally get in my zone while he’s gone, but it’s better when he’s here.

So, after a few days with the man around again, here’s what I’ve determined are the top 5 things about him being back!

1. Hugs, cuddles, kisses

Missed those!

2. He finds the Amazon firestick that you knew was in the couch all along but just couldn’t locate it

So clutch.

3. The dog to human ratio is now even

The whole one human to two dog thing was getting a little out of control.

4. I have a running buddy again

A really cute one!

5. I have someone to eat pancakes and Chinese takeout with

Not gonna lie…This could also be considered a con. STUFFED.

Of course there are plenty more but we’ll leave it at that. ?

I’m off to go work at the brewery and then tonight it’s more Nurse Jackie. So into that show!


Let’s Talk: Do you like alone time? If you’re in a relationship, do you have similar schedules, spend time apart?

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    • Kat
    • March 4, 2020

    Yay for hubby being home!! My sister’s hubby is in the military, and she actually lived with me for over 2 months with her two childred while he moved to Hawaii for training. She now has gotten to move with him, but it was tough for them, so I understand the pains of being a military family. We thank you for it though! You and your man are awesome 🙂

    • Susie @ Suzlyfe
    • March 6, 2020

    Someone else to delegate tasks to ? jk
    I love going grocery shopping with Alex–that is something that I always miss when he is busy!

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