“The Five F’s” You Cannot Live Without!


How’s it going? The past week, I have been so busy with work (overwhelmed, let’s be real). Things are piling up – more commitments and responsibilities and less time. This equals Stresstown, population ME. Anybody else with me? Well, I for one, can only let this go for so long before I refuse to let the stress take over, when I always try and take a step back and figure out what I need to feel centered and alleviate some of the worry.

So, if you ever feel like life is starting to drain your energy,  it’s more important than ever to bring on The Five F’s!

I am not a doctor, but I do recommend a regular wicked healthy dose of The Five F’s in order to:

refresh your spirit, increase self-esteem, improve your energy levels, make life-lasting memories, feel like a million bucks, and make your life ROCK!

Now, what are The Five F’s, you ask?

Now, lucky is one who gets to experience these five joys. For me, they happened to all occur simultaneously in a silly, celebratory, relaxing, sunny weekend in honor of my mom’s upcoming 60th!

Sister rowin’ it up – girl’s a champ!


Family interval sesh by the water – look at those V-Push ups!

Let’s do mountain climbers and wear bright t-shirts – go!

My mom has got it goin’ on!

image_2-224x300 image_1-224x300

Wine & Dine!    Nothing says Happy 60th like Uncle Jonny’s German Chocolate Cake!


This here beak did not keep me from eating!

Are you getting enough of The Five F’s in your life?

Our time here is enhanced by the bond of FAMILY and FRIENDS, loving our bodies through FITNESS and FOOD (and yes, on special occasions, that does mean homemade German chocolate cake!), and creating FUN!

Treat yourself with The Five F’s – life’s gifts!

Have a great day!


How do you make sure to get your dose of The Five F’s?

What are you favorite ways to celebrate The Five F’s?

Which F is most important to you and why?

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    • Luke
    • April 23, 2020

    My 5’s are the same 🙂

    • Sue
    • April 28, 2020

    My top 5’s are:
    1. family
    2. friends
    3. travel
    4. food
    5. shopping 😉

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