The Get Your Healthy Groove Back Formula (Plus a bonus workout!)

Hey there, what’s up? Happy Hump Day!

If you read my last post recapping my indulgent trip to Rome, you probably got the gist that it wasn’t my most wicked healthy experience. While it filled me with joy and awe and knowledge and curiosity, it also filled me with, well, carbs.

I am not anti-carbs by any means, but four days of no workouts plus eating nothing but white bread and pasta (plus wine and gelato) adds up. I enjoyed every indulgent second, but came home feeling like UH OH – gotta get back on the wicked healthy track.

We’ve all been there: You are on a roll, riding the exercise and clean eating train, and then BAM – life takes over and there go your best laid plans, right?

When you’ve taken some time off from workouts and have strayed outside your normal healthy eating habits, it’s important to know what you can do to get your healthy groove back. 

1. Don’t beat yourself up.

It happened. It will probably happen again in your lifetime. Dwelling on it, engaging in negative-self talk, and having an “Ibleweverythingit’stheendoftheworldhowamIevergoingtogetbackontrack” mentality will completely derail any chance you have of coming back strong and ready to pick up where you left off. DON’T DO IT! Rather than spending time and energy being your own biggest hater, be a good friend to yourself – accept that what’s done is done and move on with renewed commitment to your goals.

2. Commit to clean eating with the basics.

Now is not the time to experiment with new recipes. Now is the time is to keep it as simple as possible with your healthy go-to foods. When I got back from Rome, my first priority was to go to the grocery store to get fresh fruit and veggies, sweet potatoes, tofu, oatmeal and eggs. I made a big batch of roasted veggies, and baked tofu and sweet potatoes for the week. What clean eats do you know you like every time that are easy to make? Go stock up on these healthy favorites right away to take the guess-work out of readjusting your diet.

3. Set realistic workout goals.

I knew that after this trip, I would be exhausted and have a lot of catching up to do at work. I also knew that I needed to make working out a priority, especially since I fell behind on my half marathon training. Your first week back, line up  a solid week of exercise to ease back into it and get your body moving again. If you promise yourself that you are going all out and try to fit in crazy workouts at crazy hours, you may be setting yourself up for failure which will make matters worse. For example, when I returned,  I did not schedule early morning workouts as I knew I’d need to catch up on sleep.  By being dedicated but realistic, you’ll be able to get your body back in gear and into workout mode without overwhelming it and tackling too much all at once. This week, after my “get back into the healthy groove” workout schedule, I’m no nonsense and I’ve got more rigorous training in place.

4. Incorporate short bursts of sweatiness

Why do this? Well, getting back in the wicked healthy groove is all about retraining your body and reminding it how amazing exercise feels. Also, if you’ve taken time off, your energy levels probably are not at their highest. Incorporating short bursts of exercise throughout your day will send your body the right signals and boost your energy level and mood at the same time. Here’s one to try upon waking up, mid-morning, during lunch break, or when nap-time hits in the afternoon:

5. Just get it done

Lace up your sneaks. Head out the door. Pack a gym bag and bring it to work. Do it first thing on the weekend. Don’t put it off. Say no to eating out. Make it your mission. Fake it ’til you make it. It won’t necessarily seem easy, but simply doing it consistently will set a positive tone for your body and remind it why you love being wicked healthy. After a few days, you’ll crave those healthy foods and sweaty workouts again!!

There you have it. The get your groove back formula –

Put these 5 tips to work and you’ll be back in action sooner than you’d think!

Hope you have a great rest of the week! Can’t wait for Thanksgiving!


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