What I Ate Saturday – Nutrition Jumpstart Eats 2

Hi friends!

How’s it going? Hope October has started off on a sweet note. I’m officially in the last week of my four week nutrition jumpstart but plan on continuing with it for the next couple of months. That means sticking to my macros and taking progress pictures along the way.

The last two weeks I’ve enjoyed a variety of healthy foods while adhering to my protein and caloric requirements. I’ve had a few days where I sort of guesstimated (Tuesday night I had bar peanuts and split a few desserts for dinner, Friday morning Dan got home from a two week training and we reunited over a breakfast date that involved a very large and in charge pancake).

Here are some meals I’ve been enjoying lately!

One of my favorite lunches while working at the restaurant: house made black bean burger, local turkey, veggies + hummus, sauerkraut! 

Major comfort food craving: chicken pot pie! Had this for dinner one of my higher calorie days. 

A go-to low calorie clean eating high protein dinner! Tuna patties, veggies, roasted sweet potatoes. A little parm cheese makes a big difference!  
Treats at King Arthur Flour headquarters! I budgeted for these in my macros but was kind of just winging it. ? YUM. 

I have found that by focusing on protein I haven’t been quite as munchy throughout the day. I’ve been snacking on clementines, and believe it or not, I’ll often have a plain veggie burger for a snack. I pop em right into the toaster! Also have my daily protein shake.

And like I mentioned, Dan was gone for two weeks at some military training in GA, and since he got home, we have gone out for a super yummy big breakfast and had Chinese takeout. Haha. But now that we’ve got our reunion eats out of the way I’m back on it!

My plan is to follow everything to a T and then let loose on the last weekend in February, where I will kick off my 30th birthday in NYC! Can’t wait and want to live it up knowing that my nutrition has been on point!

Hope you have a great day!


Let’s Chat: Do you track your food? What is your favorite food/meal of the moment?

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    • Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner
    • September 9, 2020

    That homemade black bean burger looks great. I used to track my food but no longer feel like I need. I eat pretty similar things day to day. Sound like your jumpstart is really forcing you think more about your meals.

    • Susie @ Suzlyfe
    • September 10, 2020

    Love that lunch of veggies, chicken, and kraut! One of my favorite things! I keep track of what I am eating, particularly when I am training–I have to make sure that I am getting enough during those times.

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