What to Pack? My 10 Wicked Healthy Travel Essentials!

Andddd with that, she’s off!

Today I leave for Rome, Italy! (pinch pinch). I have always wanted to travel to Rome and am thrilled that I have been given this opportunity through EF Education. I’ll be spending a whirlwind 3 days in Rome touring the sights, entering into amorous relationships with Italian cuisine…all while becoming a student travel expert! I’ll be sure to take many a picture for y’all!

Now, before I could embark on this journey, I needed to pack. Anyone who knows me knows that when faced with the need to pack, I shut down and revert back to five year old Ruthie. It involves a lot of needy whines, begging for help, and sitting down in front of my suitcase completely paralyzed. Packing and I don’t jive.

While figuring out what clothes I am going to include and rounding up my toiletries can be embarrassingly tricky for me, I do know how to stock up on healthy travel essentials for a healthy trip. I HATE leaving my healthy habits up to chance so I’ve come sort of a pro at traveling the wicked healthy way.

Here’s what I include in my 10 Wicked Healthy Travel Essentials:


Clockwise from top:

1. A book and notebook  – Key for mental health while traveling! I let myself get carried away in a story, or use the time to write down thoughts that come up along the way.

2. EMPTY water bottle – Bring that baby in through security and fill ‘er up once you’re through. Little trick my mama taught me. Staying hydrated while traveling is key!

3. Natural sweetener packets – I like to have these on hand to add to coffee or oatmeal. I try to limit processed crap so this is a really good way to avoid the evil Splenda, Equal, or Sweet n’ Low. :)

4. Gum – I’m addicted. Take off, landing, and every minute in between! Orbit Sweet Mint is my flavor!

5.Passport – I’ll be needing this. ‘Nuff said.

6. Healthy eats (plus a treat!) – This go around I have apples, sweet potatoes, and veggie burgers to keep me on the wicked healthy path – aside from a minor detour to mini Twixville. You need a litttle treat for the journey! PS – packing up on healthy fuel makes your wallet happy too…airport prices? No thanks!

7.iPad and charger –  iPad is good for a) stuff -facetime/skype, Netflix, blog, work, news b) workout videos for the hotel room – portable gym! Also, I bring my phone/iPad charger on my carry on in case my phone ever runs out of battery and I need it to be in touch. I get uneasy when traveling without a means of communication if need be!

8.The scarf – I got this pashmina while traveling in China. I wrap myself up in it on the plane or use it as a blanket. Since I got it in a place that I loved so far from home, it reminds me that I have everything within me to be at home anywhere in the world, and it comforts me. I bring it with me on all my escapades.

9.Chapstick/gloss/hand sanitizer

10. Heart rate monitor and headphones – keep track of my workouts, exercise to my jams, enjoy listening to music on the plane and getting lost in my favorite sounds.


Wicked Healthy Wonderings:

What trips have you taken lately? (Ever been to Rome?)

What are YOUR wicked healthy travel essentials?

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    • Holly
    • June 27, 2020

    Thank you so much for this list and handy tips! so easy to follow ?

    • ken
    • July 1, 2020

    Great read! Really enjoyed this one.

    • Julie
    • July 2, 2020

    Awesome list!
    Definitely a few things that I realised I had forgotten when I cross checked against your list.

    • mary
    • July 2, 2020

    Thanks for all the advice, it’s really appreciated! What would people like me do without your trustworthy advice?

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