Hi guys!

How ya been?

I’ve been a busy gal lately between working, studying for my fitness nutrition specialist certification, traveling home this past weekend, and preparing to reach my first official group fitness class on Friday! (At 6am!)

I’m super excited but also nervous about it. Thank goodness I have been teaching that class for my friend and her coworkers a couple times a week after school – that really helped lay some groundwork!

I’m also really really excited about a new 6 week carb cycling and intermittent fasting program I’m participating in. It’s based off of the book The All Day Fat Burning Diet by Yuri Elkaim. Yuri presents many sound points, one of which is that in today’s age our bodies have become designed to store fat which has many adverse affects. I loved the book and his research and thoughts on nutrition and the role it plays in energy, hormone balance, mood, and fitness really resonate with me.

This program could be used to lose weight if that’s your main goal, but the contents of the book and the approach go far beyond the number on the scale.

Since I will soon be a certified fitness nutrition specialist, I think it’s my due diligence to know what’s out there and have tried different approaches myself so that I can best help clients.

This one appeals to me for a few reasons. First, I’ve been in a plateau for quite some time. It’s far from the end of the world, but being stuck in a bit of a rut and not seeing progress isn’t my fave, either. (This is my “you can love your body but still have goals” mentality.)

Also, this rut has not just been physical. Over the past few years, I’ve developed food habits that aren’t “bad” or “unhealthy” – in fact most of them involve healthy foods – but I’ve relied too much on food habits to structure and dictate my day. I needed a program that would help me break free of those habits. I’m always looking at recipes and there are so many I want to try but I NEVER TRY THEM because I can’t force myself to not eat the foods I’m used to. For instance, I don’t NEED to have a bowl of overnight oats for breakfast first thing, or always have sweet potatoes and loads of peanut butter at every meal. While these foods aren’t unhealthy, I was beginning to feel trapped by them and at the same time anxious if I had to deviate. I no longer knew if those were the foods that made me feel my best or even tasted the best to me, they almost became control mechanisms in my daily life. While I will certainly continue to eat those foods, I will also be including a lot more variety on this plan and I sure do need it!

I also want to really clean out my system and bring my hormones back in balance. Lately my energy had been dipping and moods were blah – or sometimes really elated and then sad sad sad. Time for some nutrition changes and healing from the inside out, I’d say.

The plan started on Monday and we kicked it off with two low carb days! Typically there will only be one a week. I was nervous but my energy and mood have been so high. The plan eliminates gluten and dairy so I’ve really been changing up my meals and it feels awesome. Although, I am excited for FEAST day tomorrow. Welcome back, carbs! (And plenty of them!)

So here’s what I ate Tuesday, which was the second of the two low carb days.


Pumpkin protein pancake topped with 1T natural PB with a side of scrambled egg whites. 


I was most worried about breakfast because I am a sweet breakfast kinda girl and I was anxious about giving up my beloved oats with fruit. But this was so good! I’ll be sharing the recipe soon. It’s gluten free and dairy free and deeeelish! I ate this after my morning sprints/cardio sesh. Yay for working out before breakfast – I CAN do it after all! (I used to all the time when I was teaching and had to workout extra early before school – but because of food habits mentioned above I really haven’t been able to for a while now.)

LUNCH, 12:45 pm

One egg, two whites, spinach, mushrooms, half a veggie burger…topped with avocado and sriracha! 

I loved this meal and had the same thing for dinner on Monday night with the addition of chicken. Surprisingly, Iwasn’t  snacky at all between breakfast and lunch. Even though I had a later breakfast, I probably would still have gone to the fridge for something in between. This is one of those meals that I’ve been wanting to eat for some time, but never did because I already had meals I was stuck to! Another win!


Cauliflower rice stirfy with salmon burger, egg whites, veggies, and liquid aminos. 


So yum. This was a great alternative to a heavy fried rice dish. Very filling and satisfying for a low carb meal. Topped it with sriracha, my new BFF!


Like I mentioned before, I generally haven’t been hungry between meals. I did have some nuts, an afternoon protein shake, and a hard boiled egg yesterday. Again, can’t remember the last time I had nuts instead of just a spoonful of PB for a snack or ate hard boiled eggs either.

Dan is following the plan as well, which makes it even better. He rocked the last two days and is pumped for feast day. Homeboy is about to chow down! Haha.

While this way of eating and exercising might not be the best fit for everyone, I think it’s important to really look at the way you eat, think, and exercise and CHANGE IT UP if need be. We get so attached to what we know and what’s familiar that sometimes we don’t make room for new and potentially better things to come in.

And what do ya know, this applies to life as well!

Hope you have a great day!


Let’s Chat: Are you a creature of habit when it comes to food? 

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