WIAW: How to Get Back on Track After You Treat Yourself!


What a week.

I’m typically not a birthday celebration person. Historically I’ve kept my birthday very low key – I’m talking like my mom and sister or a couple of close friends eating pizza at home low key. But, this year was so, so different.

This year I lived it the heck up for my 30th. And guess what? It was one of the best weeks of my life! I went to NYC with Dan to visit my sister and play in the Big Apple, I had some “staycation” days at home in VT, and then I traveled to Boston to meet my mom and sister for additional birthday partying. It was the perfect way to welcome my 3rd decade. I felt so lucky to be living this life with SO MUCH LOVE IN IT!

As you can imagine, I was pretty much eating and drinking the entire week. I did fit in some really good workouts with my sister and at home (my sis is a BEAST in the gym so that’s a bonus!). I can honestly say I enjoyed every bite and sip and it was completely worth the indulgence and couple of lbs that are here as a result. Years ago I probably would have freaked out but happily, today I’m taking it in stride because #balance.

With that said, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ready to get back to my routine and my predominantly clean eats.

It’s really important after a day, week, month of “falling off the wagon” that you’re able to get back on it without guilt. My approach is to pick up where I left off and keep moving forward with positive habits and a can do mindset. It’s easy to let things spiral out of control with the “I’ve already let it go so might as well just keep going” line of thinking, but YIKES! Stop those thoughts in their tracks and kick them out of your brain.

So, here’s what I ate yesterday, a complete day off.

7:30AM: Diluted apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach.

I’ve been drinking this or hot water with lemon every morning. I don’t really notice much other than I’m not as hungry right away after. Hopefully it’s doing me some good!

8:40AM: Breakfast! 1/2c oats with blueberries + PB, plus egg whites.

11:00AM: Post run protein smoothie (unpictured)

1:45PM: Roasted sweet potato, ground turkey, and an egg from my friend’s farm. Loving this combo.

I usually eat lunch much earlier, but I added more fruits and veggies than usual to my smoothie so I wasn’t really hungry until a bit later.

4PM: Snack time! Half a banana, some PB, and granola.

One of my girlfriends makes this granola using local and/or organic ingredients. It’s the best!

I was pretty munchy in the afternoon but tried not to let the snack attack get out of hand! I ended up having a few more sweet potatoes and half a cucumber. Phew!

7PM: Salad monster!

It had been a while since salad was on the menu! I loaded this one up with veggies, chicken, light Caesar dressing…and pickles! I just luuuurve pickles in my salad. SOGOOD.

I ended the day with a cup of hot chocolate while watching House of Cards. The new season came at the perfect time because I just finished Nurse Jackie. Loved it and was pondering what I was going to do with my life when it was over so fortunately (or unfortunately, if my life has come to the availability of TV shows! ;)) HOC happened at the right moment!

Overall, I was very pleased with my day of eats. I listened to my body AND stuck to the plan. Remember, after you treat yourself don’t beat yourself! (Ahhh, the cleverness…)Enjoy the moments where you abandon your food “plan” and then move on and get back to making choices that align with your goals and make your body feel good! Just say no to guilt and get back on it.

Hope you have a great day!


Let’s Chat: What are your tips for getting back on track with healthy eating? What’s the best thing you ate yesterday?!

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    • Emily
    • March 14, 2020

    I agree with Kat! One meal at a time! WE don’t have to think about the future, because God’s in control of the future… One day at a time. 🙂 I like to eat lots of greens and fruits and light meals after heavy days of eating. 🙂 And I still usually eat one dessert unless it really just doesn’t sound good.

    • Faith VanderMolen
    • March 14, 2020

    Sounds like a fun birthday! I’m obsessed with NYC after living there for a year and it’s the perfect place to celebrate:)

    • Lindsey
    • March 14, 2020

    Great day of eats! Making up for a bad day (or week), I just take it one meal at a time… Make better decisions with each meal and snack builds a confidence in my eating habits. My problem is if I indulge in something high in sugar, generally speaking, the rest of my day is shot! Once my body gets a taste of super sugar (candy, cookies, etc.), it is hard to keep away from those indulgences the rest of the day… I need to work on that!

    • Courtney Bentley
    • March 15, 2020

    I do ACV in the AM too! I would add dry brushing with what you are doing, it really helps keep the energy flowing through the body, helps with recovery as well as keeps your lymphatic system draining which removes excess crap that floats around! Have you tried that before? I am happy you enjoyed your birthday, happy belated bday! xo C

    • Morgan @ Morgan Manages Mommyhood
    • March 17, 2020

    I definitely think that the key to getting back on track is to just GO for it – you don’t need a special day, a Monday, a first of the month, first of the year, whatever to start back up. Because if you wait for that, you’ll be waiting forever!

    • Kat
    • March 17, 2020

    One of my best tips to getting back on track is to just take it one meal at a time. Vacation and too many sweets can really leave you with some nasty cravings, so the thought of NOT having those foods for a while can make me sad. Thats why I DONT focus on that! I focus on what balanced meal Im having next, then maybe I’ll get some dessert at the end of the day if I REALLY need it. Which I usually don’t. Especially if I make hot cocoa! Thats a great sugar fix for me 🙂

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