Workout Wednesday: 3 Total Body Kettlebell Workouts You’ll Love!


Happy Wednesday. I’m getting a bit of a late start to blogging this week. I missed you on Monday! At least I had a good reason for being gone – I was wedding dress shopping! (And yes, I said yes to the dress!)

I was gone from Saturday until yesterday afternoon and I came home to a fun task – packing! Dan accepted a job at a new police department months ago and has been commuting an hour and half each way to work! Yikes. We are moving to the town he now works in.

I’m really going to miss our house, our land, and OUR VIEW but mostly, I’m ready for a change. The new town is in an area where there’s a bit more going on, and I’ve been really craving that.

This tangent does have a point – since we are moving, we’ve packed up a ton of our at home gym, saving a few pieces of equipment to get us by for the next few days. One item that we have left unpacked until the last minute is the kettlebell!

The kettlebell is one of my favorite pieces of fitness equipment because it’s so versatile, effective, and fun! Kettlebell exercises not only work your muscles, but elevate your heart rate, providing you both a strength AND cardio workout. Winning!

Kettlebell workouts are such a great use of your fitness time because they provide the most bang for your workout buck. Rather than deciding between a strength workout or a cardio workout, you get it all in one.

Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle strengthening, or cardio capacity, a kettlebell is your BFF!

Here are three kettlebell workouts for you to try! 

This one is one of my faves! The accompanying post breaks down all the exercises for you, too!



Here’s one from Greatist that uses a pyramid structure (which I love) and includes basic moves that beginners can do but kettlebell pros swear by, as well!


This advanced workout  means business! This workout is definitely challenging. I’d make sure you’re completely comfortable with kettlebells and your form is on point before diving into this one – something to work toward, right?!


Want to learn more about kettlebell training (Hint: you do!) Check out these articles!

Hope you have a great Wednesday – let me know if you give these workouts a go!


Wicked Healthy Wonderings: Do you use kettlebells? What’s your favorite kettlebell exercise?

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    So good!

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