Workout Wednesday: She’s Wicked Healthy’s Best Workouts of 2019!

Hi y’all! And, happy last day of 2019!

What are your new year’s eve plans? All I can say is that excited as I am for 2020, I highly doubt I will make it up to see the ball drop. I’m mostly okay with that, although part of me wishes I was getting dressed up and had a grand night out on the town planned. Oh well, maybe next year.

One thing is for sure, I will definitely be getting in a solid workout to finish the year…and another one to begin the year tomorrow! It’s important to set the tone for the year ahead and I can think of no better way than getting in a great sweat session! It’s going to be a wicked healthy 2020, my friends.

With that in mind, let’s take a look back at some of the most popular workouts of 2017 here on SWH! (Note – these workouts have no expiration date and can still be performed in 2020! ;))

Bonus? These are all pinnable so save them for any time!

On to the workouts!

The Mile & Muscle Workout

20 Minute At Home AMRAP

10 Minute Cardio Calorie Crusher

Show Off Your Shoulders Workout

Thigh Sculpting Workout

The Favorite Treadmill Interval Workout:

Strength & Cardio Circuit Blast:

I’ll be sharing more about my goals for 2019 tomorrow, but it’s no surprise that one of them is to take my fitness to the next level. Maybe yours is too! One of the best way to do that is to plan and be prepared with solid workouts. Hopefully these help you make the new year one of strength, confidence, and growth!

Enjoy the last day of the year – let’s send it out with some positive vibes! See you next year!!

Wicked Healthy Wondering: What are you doing for New Year’s? Did you have a favorite workout this year?

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