Workout Wednesday: Should You Be Doing a Straight Arm or Forearm Plank for Abs?

Hi friends!

How’s the week bopping along?

Things are great here – I’ve had the last two days off – and it’s been a nice mix of productivity and chill time. I’ve managed to tackle some major items on my to do list but have had plenty of R & R sprinkled in – it’s all good!

Plus, we’ve been enjoying some glorious fall weather here in VT, which makes me happy happy! Crisp, fresh air and sunny skies – it’s what it’s all about!

Now, let’s dive right into today’s Workout Wednesday topic – PLANKS!

There’s no denying that the plank is the superstar ab move, and for good reason!

I’ve been focusing on core strength because to be honest, mine is pretty poor. The other week I was attempting to hold a side plank and let’s just say I wasn’t impressed with myself.

While running, lifting weights, and doing HIIT and plyometrics (the foundation of my workout regimen) all activate and engage core muscles, it’s important to work the abs deliberately just as you would any other muscle group.

That’s where planks come in. ?

Planks are a great exercise to develop the strength in your core, arms, and glutes. They also help support your back and improve your posture! 

You may do planks of different varieties yourself – one of my favorite things about planks is that there are so many variations! But it’s also critical to go back to basics and master the good ol’ simple and original plank!

But which one? Straight arm or forearm?

Well, for a tight and hard core, you’re better off staying low to the ground with…the forearm plank! The closer you are to the floor, the harder it is to hold the position – thus, a better workout for your abs.

Also, when you are in a straight arm plank position, you are using your shoulder and arm muscles to support you rather than relying primarily on your core and pelvic muscles. If your core is your main focus, go with the forearm plank!

This is something that we can do daily while watching TV, for a few minutes in the morning, on lunch break…get it in! I’ll be right down there with ya.

Want more?

Here’s a 20 minute power plank workout and an advanced 10 minute plank video workout. This is a great one for beginners, too!

Happy Planking!

PS…whoever said, “time flies,” clearly doesn’t have much experience with trying to hold a plank. ?

Make it a great day!

Wicked Healthy Wonderings: What’s your favorite plank variation? Longest plank hold?

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    • Gretchen | Gretchruns
    • October 5, 2020

    I never knew that! I always assumed that straight arms was harder since you were higher off the ground, but that makes perfect sense. I’ll have to adjust my routine and get a hard core!

    • Susie @ SuzLyfe
    • October 7, 2020

    Planks rock. Another thing that people often confuse is whether or not to clasp hands or keep arms in a sphinx like position–clasping your hands puts more pressure and work in your shoulders, and is “easier” for your core!

    • Jess @hellotofit
    • October 11, 2020

    Ooo you know I love me a plank!! Great post!

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