Workout Wednesday: The Build Your Biceps Workout!

Hello there!

Happy Wednesday?

How are you, my friends?

I feel a little out of the loop because I’m having MAJOR tech issues over here. My phone won’t take pictures, open apps or mail, OR send or receive text messages. Hence why my Insta has been quiet, along with Twitter, and I haven’t been commenting on and sharing other blogger’s posts like I love to do because I CAN’T. Gahhh! Since I was home in NH and busy with wedding stuff, I didn’t get to have it looked at but am calling tech support TODAY after my workout and hopefully my phone will get it together! Has this ever happened to you before? It’s no bueno, no bueno at all!

Also, I stayed up to create this workout last night and just as I clicked “Save,” the internet decided to freeze and the workout went buh byes. Nope, not cool. Needless to say I’m a little tech frustrated right now, but I hopped back on the computer bright and early to recreate this workout!

I got some feedback about including workouts for specific body parts, and today we  are starting with BICEPS! Thanks to those who commented on my last post and let me know what you wanted to see!

This biceps workout is one that I’m really happy to be sharing with you.

First off, it includes the biceps exercises that I do regularly and have found to be most effective. Each week, I perform these exercises when I lift bi’s, and rotate a few others if I have extra time or need a change up. But these exercises are my go-to’s for sure!

Second, the workout is structured in one of my favorite lifting formats! You perform 12 reps, then immediately go to 10 reps, 8, and 6. After your set of 6 reps, you rest one minute before performing a final set of 12 reps. The kicker? You increase the weight for each set!! So, you start with a weight in which you can only perform 12 reps, bump up to a weight where 10 reps is your max, and so on. For the last set of 12 reps, you lift your starting weight.

It’s FUN, FAST, and EFFECTIVE. (Plus it’s challenging, which I like – embrace the burn!!)

Check it out!


And, ladies, HEAR ME WHEN I SAY:

You will absolutely not “bulk up” or “look manly” by doing this workout regularly. Do you know how much weight (and probably illegal supplements!) it would take for that to happen?! Lifting weights is what it takes to create strong, defined curves and reshape your body. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy!


Exercise How To’s:

Cable Curl

Hammer Curl

Concentration Curl

Cable High Curl

There is more workout goodness to be found over at Fit Foodie Mama and The Femme Fitale Fit Club, so don’t miss out!

Hope y’all have an awesome Wednesday!


Wicked Healthy Wonderings: Have you hesitated to lift heavy weights out of fear of bulking up? Most recent tech issue?!

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    • Jane
    • July 23, 2020


    • Aimee
    • July 24, 2020

    I love these bicep exercises too! I love lifting heavy. My body is so much stronger & my proportions are more balanced since I started lifting, which is a bonus! #wildworkoutwednesday

    • Annmarie
    • July 25, 2020

    My arms are so sore from my upper body workout the other day that it hurts to look at this, haha! Looks like an awesome workout, thanks so much for linking up!

    • Tamieka
    • July 26, 2020

    LOVE bicep work!!

    I love lifting heavy-i have to sometimes not go too heavy-lol!

    Thanks for the workout-i will be doing it tomorrow.

    Have a great Wednesday!

    • Diatta
    • July 26, 2020

    Standing up clapping about that last statement. It irks my nerves to hear women complain about getting big when they really aren’t working that hard. Like you said – unless you are doing something illegal most women aren’t made to get big like a man. #wowlinkup

    • Susie
    • July 27, 2020

    True confessions: I hate to do biceps. I know. And I’m married to Alex, who can curl 75+

    • Jerusha
    • July 27, 2020

    Awesome workout that I can’t wait to try out. I’ve already printed it out and added it to my binder. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Gretchen | Gretchruns
    • July 27, 2020

    I love working my biceps, so I will definitely try out this workout! Looks Great!

    • Sam
    • July 28, 2020

    AMEN AMEN AMEN!! I used to only do 1 bicep exercise but have quickly moved on to 2-3 that I love. The concentrated curls are a killer!

    • Angrelena Marie
    • July 28, 2020

    Oh man, bummer with the tech problems! I have been there and it is no fun!! We really learn how reliant we’ve become on technology!
    This workout looks amazing! I’m going to add it to my workout for Saturday! It’s nice to grow those biceps!! Thanks for linking up!


    • Jen
    • July 28, 2020

    I’m excited to try this!!

    • Jess
    • July 29, 2020

    So crafty with the buildup of these sets ? love it!! BEEN MISSING YOU on social media!!

    • Deborah
    • July 29, 2020

    Some of my favorite arm exercises! I’m all about the arms now for summer. Have a great day

    • Beverley Cheng
    • July 29, 2020

    Tech stress is the highest percentage of stress that I have in my life!! I totally understand your pain. Love the bicep workout – I always find that drop sets are the most effective

    • Fiona
    • July 30, 2020

    Technology problems are the worst! A few years ago my phone wouldn’t send texts and it drove me crazy. I had no idea how many I sent until I couldn’t do it. Hopefully you get it figured out soon.

    • Ange
    • July 30, 2020

    Gah! Tech problems are the worst! i hope it’s an easy fix for you.

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