Your Go-To Arm Workout, The All Over Arm Burner!

Hi, friends!

Today I’m popping in with a new arm workout that I’ve been loving lately.

I have been experimenting with a split that breaks up my weight training like so:

Back & Biceps

Chest & Triceps


Legs & Glutes

Focusing on two muscle groups at a time helps me make sure I’m not missing anything and it’s fun to get creative with each muscle group and give it some attention! There are other ways to split up training days but this is what I’m going with these days. In addition, I’ve been running, and incorporating some total body workouts.

However, there’s only so much time in a day and days in a week (I know you feel me on that!), so sometimes I’ll combine my arm training days into one workout. If your time at the gym is limited, or you’re only weight training a couple days a week, this workout could be perfect for you!

The All Over Arm Burner Workout targets your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. It’s made up of simple moves that are effective for all fitness levels – shout out to my beginners, fitness pro’s, and everyone in between!

For the workout, select a weight that’s challenging – you should only be able to complete 10 to 12 reps for each exercise. If 10-12 is a breeze, your weight isn’t heavy enough! Don’t be scared.

You’ll perform each circuit three times before moving onto the next circuit. Pretty simple, right? But simple can pack a powerful punch! Remember to stretch out your arms after the workout…ahhh.

Personally, having strong arms makes me feel confident – not only can I lift big things, but when summer (eventually? ever?) rolls around it’s nice to feel good in short sleeves and tank tops. Just keepin’ it real! Doing this workout consistently now, will help you feel awesome now, but also…later!

There’s no denying the incredible benefits that lifting weights has for your body. So go get you some!


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    • Sophia
    • May 16, 2020

    Useful post :*

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