Your Wicked Healthy Week – Round 1

Happy Monday!

This Monday is a big deal because it’s my first day back at school from winter break.While I had an amazing break and am sad to see it go, it’s also good to get the second semester underway. I had a rough first semester, and as we head back to school, there’s lots to do and look forward to, and I’m ready.

I wanted to share with you the first round of a series I’ll be doing here on SWH called Your Wicked Healthy Week! Each Monday, I’ll do a post with a workout, recipe, quote, article, and lil’ something to make ya smile. My hope is that it helps get your week off to a positive start and offers you some good and useful stuff for the week ahead! I really hope you enjoy it – let me know!

So, here goes!

Your Wicked Healthy Week 1

Workout of the Week:

Bodyweight Burn!

The temps have been cold and many people across the country are stuck inside. Here’s a workout you can do anytime, anywhere. Sorry Mother Nature, we win!


Recipe of the Week:

Butternut Squash Baked Taquitos from Holly’s Helpings.

These little guys are perfect for a cozy night in! Don’t like butternut squash? Don’t like taquitos? I’m sure we can still be friends somehow.


Quote of the week:

Since the clock is going to tick no matter what, why not use that time to see your dreams through? Don’t just let the time pass…use it! Design it!


Now, don’t keep all this goodness to yourself! Try the workout, pass the quote along…SHARE!

Use twitter & instagram? Take a photo of yourself post-Bodyweight Burn or enjoying the recipe and use the official hashtag: #wickedhealthyweek

Leave a comment below telling me how you plan to have a wicked healthy week. Or, just leave your thoughts on any or all of the above! 

PS. Have a wicked healthy workout, recipe, or quote to share? Contact me if you’d like it featured!


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    • Megan
    • May 11, 2020

    I love this post, which means I’m really looking forward to the series! The quote and first article are especially appropriate to me today. Good luck with your second semester!

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